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New York Business Litigator Focuses on Clients’ Goals

Skilled East Hampton attorney provides comprehensive business services

Not every lawyer knows how business clients work. They may not understand or appreciate your desire to develop practical solutions quickly. Creating solutions for companies requires creativity, drive and experience. At Steven Altman, Esq. in East Hampton, New York and New York City, I know what it takes to get deals done and win cases. Using my 30 years of experience, business savvy and legal knowledge, I am able to provide clients with solutions that work for them. I can even consult with your business to address potential problems before they start costing you money.

Knowledgeable lawyer fights for businesses in court

Litigation can be a useful business tool under the right circumstances. If your business is bringing or defending a claim, I can help. I handle the following types of litigation:

  • Commercial litigation — Regardless of what kind of lawsuit your business is facing, an experienced litigator is critical to your case. I have more than three decades of experience assisting clients in New York County and the surrounding area.
  • Construction litigation — Lawsuits that involve construction issues can get very complicated, very quickly. You need an attorney who can competently explain the nuances of this type of case to a judge or jury.
  • Entertainment litigation — The entertainment industry faces unique challenges in the courtroom. When a lawsuit involves musicians, artists or athletes, everyone is watching, so having a lawyer who knows the industry is a must.

Many business attorneys won’t venture into a courtroom, and this is something you should be aware of when making your selection. There is too much at stake to trust your matter to an inexperienced litigator or one who won’t go after the results you seek.

Savvy attorney committed to your business success

Businesses face all kinds of legal issues every day. I can help you and your company understand and follow New York laws pertaining to:

  • Labor and employment — About to sign a new employment contract or hire a new high level employee?  Don’t wait until afterward.  I can help you get and make the best deal and handle and avoid discrimination or wrongful termination claims.
  • Business formation — Choosing the wrong business structure can open you up to liability. I can guide you in picking the right structure for your situation.

I provide comprehensive legal services for New York businesses. Whether you are just getting started or are dealing with a pending lawsuit, I can be a valuable resource when you need it most.

Contact a New York business lawyer and schedule your free consultation

Your business is too important to trust just anyone with its legal needs. Steven Altman, Esq. has over 30 years of experience helping New York businesses with a wide array of legal issues. Call 917-207-3001 or contact me online for a free consultation at my East Hampton office.


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